I am imperfect, but I am resilient.

Whenever I get teary-eyed, I can see more clearly.

It just hit me today.

I got off the phone with a new client moments ago, and as I wrote the follow-up email telling her how she truly made my day and reminded me why I #dolove, I got teary-eyed. And as the tears started forming, my vision became more clear.

So, let me explain…I wear contacts. And for some reason, lately, the image hasn’t been crystal clear. (Yes, yes, I probably need eyedrops. We got that outta the way, so can I continue my touching story? :)) So, whenever moisture enters my eyes, I’m startled by how suddenly and clearly I can see the world. I look around in wonderment as if it’s my first time seeing everything.

Aside from my dry contacts situation, it’s no accident that I can better interpret and understand the world around me when I’m tearing up…because it’s when I’m teary-eyed that I am most vulnerable and most fragile. It is me letting my guard down and admitting, “Yes, this is a lot for me to handle. I surrender.”

But don’t be mistaken. I’m only surrendering to my feelings of disappointment, insecurity, or in this case joy. I’m not surrendering to the obstacles or seeming impossibilities. Never that. To those things I remain resilient. I always will.

But my feelings of joy or disappointment? I will bow down to my feelings every time—it is in the bowing down that I remember what gave me the strength to stand in the first place. And then, I stand again.

I am imperfect, but I am resilient. (Tweet this.)


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