Plan for the Impossible :: What I learned in Therapy

I had twelve—that’s right twelve!—Do Love Therapy & Strategy Sessions last week, and the number one thing I learned is we all have limiting beliefs keeping us from stepping into our strengths and planning for the impossible.

What does it mean to plan for the impossible?

We tend to adjust our master strategy and plans according to what we “should” be doing, what we see others doing, and what has worked before, instead of imagining and then planning for the impossible.

When is the last time you planned for the impossible? (Tweet this.)

Today is July 3rd—we’re officially over halfway through the year. What is one impossible thing  you’re going to make a reality in the next six months?

If your impossible thing is related to starting or growing a business around your passion, I have two things that will help:

  1. Watch the first video in the Press Play series to find out how treating your passion like a discpline can help you birth and grow a business around your passion. (If you’ve already watched the video, now’s your chance to leave a comment!)
  2. Schedule a Do Love Therapy & Strategy Session if you’re on the fence about joining us for Press Play, Fast Forward, or working one-on-one with me. You better believe we’ll be planning for the impossible!

I just had an incredible session with a “Why Wait?” client this morning that has me fired up about the impossible. What is the one impossible thing you’re conquering over the next six months? Let us know in the comments below. Perhaps we can help!

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