Attract your next customer with these five words :: Do Love Daily (video)

As a marketing consultant, I had occasions when I wondered where my next client would come from. In fact, my Sh*t Freelancers Say video harped on this concern.

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering the same thing:

How do I attract a new batch of customers? What can I do to find my next client?

And if you’re in the planning or concept phase of your business, you may be concerned about the demand for your goods and services and wonder:

Are people interested in what I have to offer?

Something I learned when building a business around my passion is: It’s important to build a business that you love, but it’s vital to build a business others love, too. (Tweet this.)

So, how do you ensure your business is serving others?

In today’s Do Love Daily video, I share the five words that will attract your next customer or client and ensure that you’re addressing their needs with your business. And if you’re in the concept phase of your business, these five words will help you determine whether there is a need or not.

Attract your next customer with these five words. (Tweet this.)

Ensure your business is serving others with these five words. (Tweet this.)

Can you see yourself using this magical phrase to acquire your next client or customer? If so, feel free to tweet about the video.


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