Know your common thread :: Do Love Daily (video)

A few months ago, I had a bit of an identity crisis. I looked back on the companies I’d worked for, the ventures I started, the client work I’d done, and I thought: Who am I? After I got over being dramatic, I asked myself, more specifically:

What drives me to do all of these things? How on earth can I connect the dots between these things?

The answer was simpler than I thought. 

In this video, I reveal the common thread running along all projects and people I get involved with. Watch it to see what my common thread is and more importantly, how you can determine yours!


What’s your common thread? (Tweet this.)

How do you connect the dots of things you’ve done and aspire to do? (Tweet this.)

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  1. I don’t really know. I am blogging, dancing (not super interested in teaching but will do it to earn income and make connections), and studying nutrition…. I also did tutoring, philosophy, and computer science. They all have different threads. I can put them into two or three groups but one thread…? Hmmmm…. They all have to do with creating. Creating a hypothesis, product, an explanation, a break down, aesthetic, or lifestyle. Creating what I see or think in my mind.

    Any other thoughts??

    • danielleleslie says:

      This is a great start. You can think more deeply about it by asking, “Why do I blog/dance/study nutrition? What do I hope to gain/accomplish? What is the most exciting part of each?” For instance, is it the process of creating a unique routine, getting recognized when you perform, etc.?

      • Ohh! That is great!

        Yes, when I do these things I am most excited about forming a new community in a way. I’m excited about sharing and showing my routine, my nutrition knowledge, my experience and getting feedback to make it even better or connecting with someone who wants to be a part of what I showed. Connections. And I know I am a huge sucker for great connections. I will forgo sleep and food for the chance to make a good one (but I’m not good at creating new ones unless I attract them or am at a place where people are like-minded).

        • LOL now that I think about it… I’m about to miss an hour of class this week for the chance to make connections (there is a meetup of business women I think I will fit in with and I’ve been dying to meet them).

  2. This video really helped me start thinking about my strengths, the things I enjoy, and my my previous work and life experiences. There are three things I love, that I will do no matter what- crafting, event planning and teaching / working with people. I agree with Udo about having a desire to make connections, and that’s definitely important for the business idea I’m working on. Thanks for the inspiration, Danielle! Keep the videos coming – I look forward to seeing more!

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