Do Love Therapy & Strategy Sessions

What are Do Love Therapy & Strategy Sessions?

You have a part-time or full-time business doing what you love, but you’re unsure how to grow your customer base, transition into a more premium brand, or deepen your impact. You’re facing a challenge that has you either running in circles or at a standstill, and you need insight to grow your business.

Or, you want to start a business around your passion, but you have a sh*t ton of ideas and interests but no clarity regarding the best first step. You feel lucky to have the ambition and vision to live such an inspired life, but it’s overwhelming because you don’t know where to start.

You need a plan. You need a solution. And you need it, like, yesterday.

…And this is where Do Love Therapy & Strategy Sessions come in. You let me know the one thing you’re having difficulty accomplishing to start or grow your business, and I provide one massive, actionable item for you.

During one of our Do Love Talks, 52% of the participants said what’s stopping them from taking the leap to do what they love, or taking their current business to the next level, was that they don’t know what to do next. In other words, they lack a plan.

What’s stopping you? Do you have a Plan? That’s right Plan with a capital “P.” If you don’t have a plan, then we start creating one. If you have a plan, then you get to hear my unadulterated opinion on where you’re headed with your new or current business.

How do Do Love Therapy & Strategy Sessions work?
First, I’ll check your vitals and diagnose the problem. 

You have twenty minutes to sit on my virtual couch and tell me all your excuses worries and challenges. 🙂 Elaborate on your goals for the rest of the year and biggest challenges keeping you from achieving them.

If you have clarity on your goals and what you’re struggling with personally that’s preventing you from achieving, then we will get along beautifully. I value honesty and self-awareness. If you’re unsure about your goals or challenges, then don’t worry—I’ve been told I can detect what people are really saying by reading between the lines. I’m also great at distilling action steps from grandiose visions to bring them to fruition.

Next, I’ll give you a prescription.

Once I have a sense for your goals and challenges, I’ll put my thinking cap on and produce one massive, actionable step for you to take immediately to shift your mindset and boost your trajectory.

After receiving your prescription, we’ll have a short discussion about preferred follow-up steps—we may decide we like each other and want to keep a good thing going. 😀


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