Attract your next customer with these five words :: Do Love Daily (video)


As a marketing consultant, I had occasions when I wondered where my next client would come from. In fact, my Sh*t Freelancers Say video harped on this concern. If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering the same thing: How do I attract a new batch of customers? What can I do to find […]

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How to Say Goodbye to your Fear of Failure :: Do Love Daily (video)


I’ve been there, and I’m sure you have… You get excited about a new goal, a new possibility. You may even put a detailed plan together on how you will make this new possibility a reality. And then all of a sudden, you find yourself wondering: “…but what if I fail?” No matter how far along […]

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Get in Your Element :: Do Love Daily (Video)


I share takeaways from Ken Robinson’s book The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (aff. link). What does it mean to be in your element? What are the benefits to living a life in your element? Watch the video to find out. Tweet about this video. “When in your Element, you have clarity around your […]

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From Freelance Writer to Online Business Owner :: Interview with Arielle Loren, Corset Editor-in-Chief


I interviewed Arielle Loren, Editor-in-Chief of CORSET to find out how she grew her following as a freelance writer which led to a successful launch of her online magazine. Arielle Loren is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Corset, the “go to magazine for all things sexuality.” Arielle graduated from NYU and in just 2 years, built […]

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Live Taping of the Do Love Show :: Photos


For the first live taping of the Do Love Show, I had the privilege to interview Damien Ritter, Co-Founder and CEO of Funk Volume. Dame shared how they cultivated a fanatical community around their record label—from 70,000+ Facebook Likes to people rocking FV tattoos—using social media and how being a music industry newbie has in […]

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What did I struggle with as an aspiring entrepreneur? :: Two Girls | One Tip Tuesday

Screen shot 2012-05-03 at 9.06.54 AM

I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Jennie, Co-Founder of Hungry Entrepreneurs, a new community for entrepreneurs teetering between launch and bankruptcy. I met Coach Jennie during our GenJuice Tour summer 2010, and I’m so lucky to still call her a friend! I really enjoyed answering the questions: What is something I struggled with […]

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Stop apologizing for who you are :: Fierce Leadership Summit

Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 1.24.03 AM

“Take a risk. Share your passion. Do what you love. Care about the people you touch. The best way to stand out from the crowds is to give a shit about what you do. Stop apologizing for who you are. You are enough. Stop robbing the world of your unique voice.” -excerpt from The Fierce […]

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Confessions :: Alice, Philanthropic Event Planner

Screen shot 2012-03-30 at 2.11.08 AM

Confessions is a series that attempts to answer the question, “What stops us from doing what we love?” Each confession contains a summary from an interview I conducted. All names are disguised. Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration from the personal insights. Meet Alice. She’s in her forties and works a 9-5 in the […]

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